7 days in Seminyak, what you should/shouldn’t miss doing around there!

When travelling so far (for us, Swiss peeps, it’s quite far 😉  ), you’d rather make the most of your time. So, here are the things we absolutely wanted to visit when we were in the South of Bali, around Seminyak.

If you have already read my 4 days guide about Ubud, you already know how much we regretted not to have more time there. Well, let me tell you that we also would have loved spending more time in Seminyak in order to explore more and laze more! Nevertheless, our program still allowed us to take a few days off (by “off” I mean a few days of not discovering anything and just relax). Here’s how we spent our time!

(I don’t have many photos about our activities in Seminyak, because we actually did them more than we took photos of them haha. I still didn’t want to load this post with too many pics, so I’ll make a specific post with more photos, but I’ll only make one instead of one per day like I did for Ubud. 🙂 )

Day 1 (half day) – Seminyak center

We arrived to our Hotel in the early afternoon after having left Ubud. We unpacked and then jumped in a taxi to go to the center and rent a scooter! Yup, we became addicted to scooter and the freedom it offered us, as well as the rapidity with which we could go from a place to another. (Trafic in Ubud was okay, but it was terrible in Seminyak. Riding a scooter truly makes you save some precious time.) Discover what our first (half) day was all about.. Wait! Was it all about drinks and food?! 😉

Daily coffee kitchen
We didn’t eat, because we were on the road to Seminyak at this time. So, in between our search for a scooter, we went to the Daily coffee kitchen to get a consistent drink. Mathew took an Oreo milkshake and I had an avocado one. Both were delicious! Gonna try to reproduce these beverages at home!

Olla Kala beach bar
After having found our new scooter, we went to the beach located near the famous Finn’s club. We joined our friend (the one we met in Ubud –read our Ubud guide here-) in a cute beach bar for a drink, where we also watched the sunset and talked for a while. It was perfect!

Two Trees eatery
Then we took our scooters and rode around to find a restaurant to grab a bite! We ended up at Two Trees, where me and our friend had the most tasty vegetarian curry ever and Mathew a delicious burger. The place is also very pretty. A must go! 😉

Day 2 – Seminyak center

Except surfing, we honestly didn’t know what we’d do this day. It ended up being a perfect mix of physical efforts and chillaxing (and eating, again)!

We really wanted to surf in Bali. Mathew can surf, but I actually can’t hahah. I had already tried in Portugal and Australia and I managed to stand up sometimes, but I’m really not gifted! It would probably be better to take my first lesson next time. 😛 Anyway, we rented surfs for two hours (btw, it wasn’t expansive at all) and went on an adventure! It was fun, but the waves were crazy and it was too much for me at some point. So, just be careful about when you go; depending on the weather and the time of the day, the ocean is more or less agitated. Also, keep yourself hydrated! (Kinda felt like I had a sunstroke in the evening)

Seaweed beach bar
After surfing, we stayed around and had a drink in a nice beach bar. Mathew and I both took a smoothie with red fruits that was perfect to boost us after the intensif surf session! Then it was time to go and quickly shower and change at the hotel before having lunch.

La Laguna
This. Restaurant. Woah! I loved, loved, loved the atmosphere!! It was colorful, the decoration in the restaurant and path from the parking were very original and it had something bohemian that created such a pleasant atmosphere. We sat on the terrasse and ordered too much food, as alwaaaaays haha. We had a fish tacos, an avocado toast and their special fries with truffle, parmesan and aioli. It was so incredibly delicious! Their iced tea is also very good! As for the dessert, I took a kind of chocolate pie, that I honestly didn’t find amazing. Apart from the dessert, I totally recommend you to go there!

Olla Kala beach bar
We then went to Olla Kala in the late afternoon (it’s the beach bar near Finn’s I talked about above). We tanned for a while on their comfortable pouffes and ate there some delicious nasi goreng later in the evening. This place is very relaxed, it’s perfect to sit on the beach in front of the ocean, with some music and a good drink during sunset or earlier for a tanning session! 😉

Day 3 – North west of Seminyak

This day was all about lazying! #hearteyes Nothing much to say except some advice about the place where we spent our day 😉

Potatoe Head
We spent our day at Potatoe head! Actually, we wanted to go there the afternoon of the day before, but we were too late and it was crazily busy. This time, we arrived early enough to find a deckchair. It was about 10:15 am and we took the last deckchair available (while it opens at 10:00 am). Therefore my first advice if you want a great spot to spend your day is : go there at the opening or don’t go there!
The principle when you want to occupy a deckchair is that you have t0 pay 600’000 Rupiah (about 40 CHF/USD, it’s almost the same rate) that are to spend over food and drinks during the time you’re here. (The price is paid once, it’s not per person.) Basically, you don’t rent the deckchair, you just have to spend on beverages and food. It was perfect for us, since we love eating. Plus, we drank about 7 liters of water to avoid insolation haha. It was absolutely worth it! We spent the entire day there, the ambiance was really cool and we could choose between refreshing ourselves in the pool or the ocean that is in front of the club. Another must-go!

Kuta beach
Somehow we wanted to visit the Kuta beach while in Bali, so we went there after Potatoe Head. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset, but the beach was so crowded!! We could really see the difference between the beach in Seminyak and the one in Kuta that is full of people. We felt stressed by all these people walking around, the children playing, some guys droning, a wedding on the beach, tourists and so on… so we honestly wouldn’t go there again. It was an experience yet and the sunset was almost worth the stress! 😉

Day 4 – Lower South West of Seminyak (around Uluwatu)

The main program of this day was : food, pool, sun and relax! Since this was the plan from 12 am only, we did a quick stop at the beach before.

Padang Padang beach
This is the beach we went to. When we arrived, some locals were in the middle of an offering ceremony. It was beautiful to assist, so if you happen to see one, stop and enjoy it! 😉 Then we lazed in the sun for about an hour on the sand before hitting the road to go to the club.

Oneeighty° pool @ The Edge
We arrived at Oneeighty°, the cliff-top club we booked for the afternoon. We had booked a VIP deckchair for two about one month earlier. It cost 600’000 Rupiah per person (about 40 CHF/USD), which were split between 50’000 Rupiah for the actual deckchair, towels, free-flow water, facial mist, a granita and WiFi and 555’000 to spend on food and beverages.

The place is breathtaking! Everything is clean and beautiful, the service is considerate (like almost everywhere in Bali) and the sky pool is impressive! We had a really nice time there and stayed until 7pm. We would have loved to stay longer, but we had 1:30 hours of road to the hotel… Finally, I know it seems expansive, but for the place and everything we consumed during the day (we also ate dinner there), it was absolutely worth it!

Day 5 – Nusa Penida Island

We had booked a tour on Nusa Penida Island for the day, but everything didn’t go as planned… Mathew got an insolation and was sick all day 🙁 therefore we didn’t make the most of it, but that’s not all.

Nusa Penida snorkeling
The snorkeling part of the tour brought us to three different places : Crystal Bay, Gamat Bay and Manta Bay, where we could see Manta rays. We had a privet small boat that stopped at each point. The first two were nice but not so impressive in my opinion, the Manta Bay was cooler since we saw a huge Manta ray!! But what I loved less was the fact that I felt rushed. Let me explain. When we were arriving at this spot, the boat guy told us to put our tuba and mask on; we got ready and didn’t really know what was happening. A few minutes later, he shouted “there’s one! Jump!” and stopped the boat. I wasn’t ready to jump (and I hate being alone in the ocean, I need someone close to me -don’t ask why haha-), but I did it. I was facing this impressive Manta and I was alone since Mathew jumped right after on the other side of the boat : I panicked! I panicked so hard that I told myself it would be safer to go on board again and put a life jacket on to help me float hahah (while I’m a good swimmer, so imagine the panic!!). Then I could enjoy a bit more, but the manta obviously continued on its way. It was indeed impressive, but I wished we could have been less stressed and better informed about how it would work, in order to truly enjoy the moment (and not flip out like I did..).

Nusa Penida visits
Then went to Crystal Bay beach, Angel’s Billagong, Broken beach and Kelingking beach and ate in a warung (this is how are called the local restaurants) in between. These places were all beautiful and some rather impressive, yet very touristic. Mathew was still sick and therefore we couldn’t really enjoy our time there.

In the end, I don’t really know if it’s the tour itself or Mathew’s state and consequently mine too (because I was worrying about him), but I didn’t feel like this excursion was really worth it. We spent a lot of time in the car to go from one place to another or stuck in a trafic jam of tourists cars  (us included haha) and the time planned on each spot was too short in my opinion. Plus, it was really expansive, about 1mio Rupiah per person (~70 CHF/USD per person). Not a must go to me, but you’re free to try and make up your own opinion 😉

Day 6 – Lower South West of Seminyak (around Uluwatu)

It was our penultimate day and after the not so successful excursion, we wanted to make the most of it! We went down to Uluwatu again and met our friend in Binging for a little surf session and to say goodbye.

Dreamland beach
First of all, it was a pain to find this beach haha! Secondly, it’s rather small. Thirdly, the waves were too crazy to go in the water and so crazy that the water would run far on the beach. Not only does it mean that there’s no way you can just chill on the sand with your towel (cause it might get damp in less than 5 minutes with the first bigger wave), but the waves may even splash you and your stuffs if you rented a deckchair. We still enjoyed our hour and a half there, but I wouldn’t recommend you to visit this place.

Binging beach
We went surfing again at this place! We rented the surfs on the spot, I don’t remember how much it cost, but it was a little bit more expansive than at the other spot we went to on day 2. It was really nice, but the waves were too crazy for me (again 😉 ), so I stopped quite quickly.

Uluwatu Temple
After a well deserved lunch at about 4pm (unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the place we went to) and the visit of a secret beach that our friend made us discover (I honestly wouldn’t be able to locate it again), we went to the Uluwatu Temple. We wanted to see the sunset from there and it was truly worth it! The temple is on a cliff, so the view we had with the sunset was wonderful! However, be aware of these two things : it was crowded with tourists and also, there are a lot of… monkeys haha! One even tried to steal my flip-flop!

Day 7 – Seminyak center

It was our last day… Time went by so quickly! We enjoyed our last hours and then it was time to go back.

Seminyak flea market
We wanted to get the last gifts for our families and friends, so we quickly went down to the flea market of Seminyak. I personally didn’t like it. The sellers want to sell at prices that are too high (compared to Ubud market). I know that Ubud is more like a small village (what can explain that they ask for less money), but still, the prices were more than 4 times more expansive in this flea market. Plus, they are not ready to negotiate. Like, not AT ALL… Therefore, I kinda felt like a fool and didn’t really enjoy it. 

Massage at our hotel, the Lokha Umalas Villas and Spa
Then we enjoyed a couple massage at our hotel which is apparently known for its spa. It was really pleasant and we were then ready -but sad- to go catch our plane!

This is it! We had an absolute blast in Bali, it was awesome!!! I hope our stories inspired you, made you travel or were useful for you! As usual, let me know if you have any question, I’d be very happy to answer 😉

Lots of luv’


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