A 4 days guide for Ubud and around: the places you should/shouldn’t miss!

3 days and a half in Ubud with a very loaded program. So many things to discover in so little time! But hey, we managed! 😉

Okay, the truth is that it was short. We would have loved to spend a full 4th day in Ubud, but since it wasn’t planned this way, we did what we could!

I didn’t want to put too many photos in this post, since it’s already a long one. Therefore, you can click on each “Day title” and you’ll land on a new page with the pics of everything we did during this day!

Our first day was quite hectic, but we were really glad to be able to see so much! We had planned a driver for the day and asked him to pick us up at 7:15 am in order to be sure to have time to do everything we wanted. Here’s what our program was :

Campuhan ridge walk
We walked a bit and then came back, we didn’t do the entire walk. The view was beautiful and since we arrived there quite early (about 8:30 am), it wasn’t crowded at all!

Luwak coffee
We were on the road to the Swing and our driver asked us if we were interested in tasting the Luwak Coffee. Curious as we are, we said yes! It was nice, however you can feel that it’s touristic because of the high prices of their products… They offer a free tasting of several kinds of teas and coffees, except the Luwak coffee for which they ask 50’000 Indonesia rupee (~3,30 CHF or USD, it’s currently about the same rate). It’s not that expensive for us, Swiss people, but it’s a high price for this coffee in Bali. It didn’t bother me to pay this amount, especially when taking into account the teas and coffees offered. I nevertheless felt like if we were fooled when we ended up at the shop buying 3 packs of tea (two big, one small) for about 50 CHF/USD. This was a lot more expensive than the same products we saw in a shop in Seminyak.
Overall, it was a great experience and we were happy to be able to taste the products and buy some ginger tea hahah! So, no regrets! You should simply be aware that it’s a very touristic attraction.

Bali Swing
Touristic, again! Don’t go to the first one you’re brought to. I thought there was only a few spots with swings… And I was wrong! Where there was one, there were actually ten! The first one was too expensive, so we went to the next one where it was much cheaper, about ~20 CHF/USD for the access to swings and nests and for lunch, which was okay for us. Being on the swing is very impressive. Loved it!

Lunch at Bali Swing
We had lunch at the Bali Swing and it was super convenient as we consequently didn’t have to find another place to eat. Plus, the food was good and we had a beautiful view on a forest of palm trees! It was so nice!

Tegallalang rice terrasse
Rice terrasses were probably one of the things I loved seeing most in Bali. It’s so impressive and exotic! I really enjoyed seing and walking through the Tegallalang rice terrasses. They’re absolutely worth seing! I can only recommend you to go there. You can also go to the ones protected by the UNESCO that are more in the North I think (didn’t go there, but I heard it was even more impressive!).

However, to be honest, the most beautiful rice terrasses we saw were some small ones we passed in a small village (not a touristic one), on our way to some waterfalls. I can’t even tell you where it was, because we randomly passed it… it was a mix between rice terrasses and orange flowers terrasses; some locals were working in them and the sun was perfectly lightning this scenery. This was the most magical thing I saw in Bali! Unfortunately, we didn’t stop to take pics, so I can’t show you. Fortunately, it’s therefore an image/memory I’ll never forget! 🙂

Sacred Monkey Forest
Rrrrrrrr monkeys…. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know and witnessed me attacked by a monkey. I wasn’t expecting this at all and panicked when it happened haha. I’m kind of making fun of myself now that I’m thinking about it again… I shouted so loud!
This being said, the monkeys are really cute to see, but be careful and mind your stuff (bag, phone, hair, earrings,…). They’re curious animals and that curiosity can become a problem when one ends up jumping on you or stealing the content of your bag. A fun experience though!

Ubud market
Our driver dropped us at the Monkey Forest and after that, we walked through Ubud and ended up at the market. It’s so nice and there are so many lovely things to buy! Truly loved what I could see in this market! Just some advice : be conscious that locals always try to sell you things for 3 times more expensive price than what you could actually pay. Get ready to bargain!

Lazy Cat Café
This café was adorable! I really loved the atmosphere and the drinks and food were delicious (we had some juices and pancakes, it was yummy!). I really recommend you to go there, even if it’s just for an afternoon snack or drink, you’ll love it!

Dinner at Three Monkeys
We went back to the hotel after the Café, lazed a bit and then went back in Ubud for dinner. We ate at Three Monkeys restaurant. Two starters to share, two mains, one dessert.. It was so good! The place is also really cool. It may look like there’s no one in, but when you actually enter and walk through, you discover a terrasse in the back that is open on a small field, it was charming!

Day 2 – Middle and lower East of Ubud

We had a lot of friends going to Bali during summer before we went and all of them didn’t recommend to rent a scooter because of balinese trafic and way of driving. However, we haphazardly met a friend of Mathew in the middle of Ubud who encouraged us to actually rent one. We obviously changed our minds and wanted to rent one at the end of the first day, but it was too late and everything was closed. So, we ended up organizing a driver for our second day. Pick up at 7:15 am again, in order to discover the following :

Tukad Melangit Valley Lookout
The less touristic touristic place we went to! We arrived there at about 9:00 am, that may be why we were alone. There’s an incredible view over a jungle of palm trees, it was breathtaking. You should really not miss this place! And the road to go there makes you go through small villages that are nice to see too; I wished we had a scooter so that we could have stopped on the way though. It’s always more difficult with a driver, ’cause you don’t want to make him stop every 10 minutes hahah.

Lempuyang Temple
People go there because of the doors that are so instagrammable, but the stairs to the prayer site are beautiful and impressive too. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed by the doors. People queue for hours just to get a pic in the middle, but we found another way to get pics that look almost as good -we’re so cleveeeer hahah 😛 -. We weren’t lucky with the weather though; normally you can see the volcano right in the middle of the doors and we couldn’t. It probably would have been more impressive this way! Other than that, the view you have on the way from the main parking to the entrance of the the temple is breathtaking!

Lunch at Vincent’s
A tofu saté for me, a chicken one for Mathew and there we go! I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but wanted to try something different. 🙂 I guess I would have preferred the chicken saté though, but it was really good! Plus, the terrasse in the back of the restaurant was really cute!

Blue Lagoon beach
White sand -okay, okay… almost white- and turquoise water is what you’ll find there! It was perfect for a dip. We even saw people snorkeling there, so I guess there are nice fishes to see too. Mind the monkeys though hahah, some live right next to the beach and are as curious as the ones of the Monkey Forest!

Scooter rental
After the blue lagoon beach it was time to go back to Ubud, where we finally rented a scooter. Locals tend not to care about insurance there, but we insisted on renting our scooter in a place where they’ll make us sign a “contract”, so that we would be covered if we damaged the bike. Some other advice : have an international licence (we didn’t have one and it’s Bali, so no one really cares if you do, but it would have been much better in case we had had an accident). Also, wear a helmet, even if half of locals don’t. Finally, never leave anything valuable in the scooter.

Dinner at Pundi Pundi
We then headed to Ubud to have dinner. We ate at Pundi Pundi and the food was great! I had saté chicken (I love saté so much!!) and Mathew took some red curry chicken which was delicious. The place was okay, it’s not the nicest we went to though.

Day 3 – Higher North of Ubud

This morning was epic! We didn’t want to drive the scooter in the night the previous day since we wanted to get used to it before. But guess what?! We had planned to go see the sunrise in the morning on day 3, so we obviously had to drive during the night. -We weren’t genius on this one haha!-
In short : we left in the early morning, the GPS wasn’t clear about the directions, I was trying to keep calm while panicking inside and Mathew was focused on not causing any accident. It was E-P-I-C, I swear! Then the day went pretty well, I let you see by yourself 😉 :

Ulun Danu Beratan for sunrise
We were on the road at about 4:30 am and arrived there at 6:00 am. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great. It’s was so foggy that we couldn’t see the sunrise… We were so disappointed! The cool part was that we met a very nice guy there (another crazy person who got up early to see the sunrise hahah) with which we spent the rest of the day.

Handara Golf Entrance doors
We then followed our new friend to the Handara Golf Entrance doors. It looks a bit like the ones at the Lempuyang Temple, except that it wasn’t crowded at all hahaha (we were there at about 8.00 am though). It was nice!

Puncak Wanagiri lake, view from the road
We kept on running and stopped on a rising road to admire the Puncak Wanagiri lake. It was beautiful! Once again, mind the monkeys! 😉

Waterfalls Campuhan Antapan
We wanted to see waterfalls, but everyone told us they were all very touristic, so we were hesitating. Fortunately, our friend knew some “secret” ones (that I’ll keep secret) and was kind enough to make us discover these. While we were going to these, we saw a sign for other waterfalls and decided to go. (This is on the way to these waterfalls that we saw the most beautiful scenery I was talking about in the rice terrasses section.) We were right to give it a chance, because we saw many incredible sceneries on the way and the waterfalls weren’t crowded at all! It was so enjoyable!

Chillaxing at the hotel pool
It was about noon when we were finished at the waterfalls (the Campuhan Antapan ones and secret ones that I won’t unveil). We had seen everything we wanted for the day and were more or less tired. Imagine, we were up for almost 8 hours already!! It was time for us to go back to the hotel and laze a bit. We ate some snacks and chilled by the pool the entire afternoon. It felt good!

Back in Ubud – Gelato Secret & massage
At about 5:00 pm we went back to Ubud village to give the scooter back and eat an ice cream at Gelato Secrets. Some would say it’s too expensive for Indonesia, I found it okay. Plus, the ice cream was really good! Then we had a feet massage. #hearteyes It was so pleasurable! Our feet and legs truly needed it. 😀

Dinner at Ibu Susu
We ended up at Ibu Susu for dinner. It’s a small restaurant with a good and interesting kitchen. We ate too much (as often), but wow it was delicious!!! This is another one you shouldn’t miss!

Day 4 (half day) – Ubud center

This was our last half day in Ubud, so we couldn’t really wander off. We went to Ubud village one last time and here’s what we visited.

Pura Taman Saraswati
We wanted to see at least one water Temple, so that’s what we did. The closest to our hotel was located in the center of Ubud. It’s a really nice one, very symmetrical, with a lot of big light pink lotus flowers. It was beautiful and worth it! Plus, the entrance is free and there wasn’t a lot of people at about 9:30 am.

Transferred to Seminyak
Then it was time for us to switch places! Our transfer pick us up and brought us to Seminyak at about noon. Want to know our program while in Seminyak? Check the next article (coming soon)!

Hope this post was useful! Let me know if you have any question, I’d be happy to answer! 😉

Lots of luv’



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