Sunnies aren’t easy

This post is in collaboration with Zalando

I don’t know about you, but like I mentioned it in this post, finding the perfect sunnies is always a real struggle for me… The reason is that my face is quite small and I also guess that I simply don’t have a face made for sunglasses or, at least, not every sunglasses’ shape. If you could see my Zalando order history, you would surely laugh! I think I ordered around ten totally different pairs of sunnies at the beginning of summer in order to hopefully find the perfect ones… – #notdesperateatall hahah – Between the models, the sizes, the prices and whether it suits me, it’s always a battle to eventually find a pair that fits all those criteria!

However, I fortunately still manage to find some, even if I can almost always predict that the really original and fashionable sunnies that everyone is wearing won’t suit me. But hey, it’s never a problem knowing that I love doing things differently.

Now, enough with my sunnies stories, what matters is: how to do to find the perfect shape of sunglasses that fit our face? Well, Zalando had the brilliant idea to make our life easier (when it comes to finding sunnies) thanks to this page right here! Okay, it’s in german, but I’m sure Google would be happy to translate it for you if this language is not your cup of tea. 😉


The principle is easy, you just have to know what face shape you have (if you don’t, just check it in the mirror), select it, click on the button down on the right and it will propose you sunnies that should normally fit your face. After that, I’m fiercely convinced that there’s nothing better than trying them on, but this system will for sure help you start the “choosing sunnies process”. And if you’re just interested in finding whichever sunnies, Zalando also tells you which ones are the favorites of the moment and the ones on sales!

So, ready to find your sunnies? Check Zalando’s page!

Lots of luv’

P.s: Funnier pics taken while shooting for this post are on my Instagram profile, have a look! 😉

Pictures by Mathew Bo Eriksson


In collaboration with Zalando

Pauline Matter

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