Ended up in New York City!!! Here’s what I’ve seen there already!

Writing from the Big Apple… again ! And it feels good !!! As I briefly mentioned at the end of my penultimate article, I moved to New York City more than two weeks ago for two months.

Ending up there for two months didn’t happened like that and I feel like maybe my “story” may help you, so I am going to explain how it actually happened.

First, you should know that I really love traveling, hate routine and consequently, always end up thinking about one and only thing : escaping and discovering something new !

So when I was working as a saleswoman and still didn’t know what I was going to do afterwards, a little crazy idea came to my mind : “why not taking advantage of my future free time and savings to leave ?” This idea rapidly disappeared when I thought about my family, my friends, my boyfriend and the simple fact that I thought I would never be able to do it. Not knowing what would be my future must surely have had influence as well, because of course, how could I think about leaving when I didn’t even have any idea of what my life would be like thereafter? Fortunately, I ended up finding a school that interested me, but had to do an internship first. So, I did it. And while I was doing it, the little crazy idea I had in mind came back and was actually not so little anymore… I started talking about it, what helped me realize that I really wanted it !

So I made some inquiries, started to believe that it could be realizable, slowly organized it for after the end of my internship and yeah, here I am in NYC! Most importantly, I am here with a goal : to pass the Certificate of Advanced English -because without any aim, it wouldn’t be as much fun hahah-.

So guys, I totally agree that this is not the story of my life and that there is much more important in life than traveling, even if it’s incredible as it offers new perspectives and much more. But my message is : believe in your ideas/dreams -however you want to call them-, don’t miss anything because you think that you won’t be able to do it, but work for it, because it will pay off. And above everything else, be proud of what you achieve!

Now, here are some photos of my first two weeks in New York City, I hope you will like them!

Lots of luv’,

All those photos have been taken with an iPhone by myself and, when I’m on it, by a friend of course!


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