Visit the souk of Agadir with us and get to know our feedback

Hope you’re ready to see some colors today?! Because as I said in my last post, today’s article is quite colorful! Indeed, today I’m sharing a few pictures of our visit of the main souk of Agadir named El Had.

Our trip to Morocco was mainly in order to rest and relax, but it would have been a pity not to see a little bit of this beautiful country and culture!

Besides the horse riding, quad and buggy that we did on the beach and in the mountains, we still wanted to visit the souk. We spent two and a half hours in it and, as much as the experience was great and interesting, to be honest, the constant appeal of Moroccan merchants ended up to be a little bit tiring. Also, as a tourist and maybe also as a woman, I didn’t always feel comfortable there. But apart from that, we learnt so many things and saw so many beautiful things as well, it was worth it! So if you plan to go to Morocco and visit a souk, just be ready for it! 😉

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