Il Museo del Novecento in Milan – great for art and photos

If you love arts and taking photos, this museum in Milan is a must-go for you!

Not only is the Museo del Novecento full of art from the 20th century mainly, there’s also a stunning view on the Duomo that is free of any tourists.

I have an interest in art, but generally enjoy it more when I already know the artists. It wasn’t the case here, however I discovered many artists that were new to me and spoke to me. I loved discovering this museum’s artists and art pieces as well as cultivating my artistic knowledge.

I also appreciated that the museum wasn’t crowded. With many floors, it’s rather big, which allows visitors to take the time to appreciate each art piece at their own pace.

After we went through the many floors, we arrived at the top of the building, offering a breathtaking view on the Duomo. The perfect place to shoot some Instagram photos!

To make sure you’re alone, go there in the morning right when it opens. We arrived at the opening, at 9:30 am, and we were almost the only visitors. It’s only after a bunch of pics that a few people started to arrive.

Enjoy the view!

Love, Pauline


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