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Hey! Today’s post is, as you can tell by the title, about curly hair. But before giving you my advice, let me tell you three things. First things first: the nature of my hair is wavy/curly. Second: until a few years ago, I straightened it all the time. Third: if I’m embracing my curls today, it’s thanks to a close friend of mine -my homonym actually- who has curly hair as well and could teach me how to style it!

Indeed, my friend taught me how to style my hair, but curly hair isn’t easy and depending on which products you use, it can look more or less good. Therefore I was looking for products that would help me make my curls stand out and eventually ended up discovering amazing ones thanks to an Instagram girl with beautiful curly hair whom I asked what products she uses. The answer was : products from the brand Cantu. Cantu is a beauty brand that has a bunch of ultra hydrating hair products made with natural products -such as shea butter and argan oil for example- and that contains neither sulfates, silicones, parabens, nor mineral oils.

I bought the shampoo, conditionner and curling cream (it helps your curls keep their shape) and honestly, it’s amazing! You know, sometimes you have this kind of placebo effect when someone tells you something is wonderful; meaning that you try whatever this thing is and you’re so convinced that it’s good, that you’ll find it good anyway. Well, I thought this could have happened when I tried those products, but I actually really have reasons to believe that they do good to my curls. The reason is that I ran out of Cantu shampoo and conditionner at some point and couldn’t buy new bottles right away -you don’t find them in regular supermarkets-, so I ended up using the shampoo and conditionner I used before. Believe it or not, even if I still used the curling cream, my curls weren’t as beautiful as they were when using exclusively Cantu products. And after buying new ones and using them again, I could see the difference!

As for the rest of my curly hair care routine, as much as products are a big part of its success, combing and drying are too. I always comb my hair when I still have conditionner on it; I do it from the bottom up and then split my hair in two with the part in the middle and rince it. When getting out of the shower, I try to keep my part in the middle and soak my hair. To do so, I use an old cotton T-shirt (it helps prevent frizz) and simply go from the bottom up -again- squeezing my hair with both hands. Then, I put the curling cream on squeezing from the bottom up -again hahah-. I finish drying it with the hair dryer on which I put the air diffuser nozzle and, at the very end, I put the hair dryer on cold to help fix the shape of my hair. And guess how I use the hair dryer?! From the bottom up, of course! Hahaha *wink*

That’s it! *wink*

For those interested in buying these products, if you live in Switzerland, I know that you can find them at Inside Africa in Lausanne and Geneva railway stations or order them on!

If you have any other tips or info about curls that you want to share with everyone here, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments below, so that we can all enjoy your advice! *wink*

Lots of luv’

Pictures by Mathew Bo Eriksson 


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