Our Aperol Bar experience in Milano & why you should go there!

The place you shouldn’t miss if you’re going to Milan!

I was recommended the Aperol bar for several reasons including its view on the Duomo by a lot of people and also saw it many times on Instagram, so it’s a place Mathew and I really wanted to go to, and we went! 😀 Want to know what we thought about it? Keep reading! 😉

  • The location: the view on the Duomo is absolutely stunning, it’s really a chance to be able to have a drink facing such a beautiful monument
  • The drinks: I didn’t feel like drinking alcohol, so I didn’t take an Aperol Spritz –shame on me, I know hahah-. I took the Apple Green, an alcohol-free drink mainly made out of apple juice and it was delicious! As for Mathew, he decided to try the Spritz and it was delicious too!
  • They offer food: the waiters came from time to time and offered us to take some brown cones full of chips –can’t describe it well, but it was a cool packaging hahah-; how cool?! But there was cooler. We were quite surprised when we first saw a waiter bringing us two plates each with pizza, pasta and burrata on it, even more surprised when we told that we didn’t order anything to eat and they answered that it was offered with the first drinks. #Gimmethatfoodthen * wink *
  • Inside: the bar is pretty big inside and the deco is really cool too. We were directly sitted on the terrace without being asked (we wanted to be outside anyway), so I guess they know why everyone comes here, but honestly, sitting inside wouldn’t have bothered me; as long as we could have been sitting next to a window to admire the view, it would have been worth it too!
    Check the pics of the interior at the end of the post 😉
  • They had these kind of heating parasols: it was perfect to keep us warmer. I mean, in the middle of February, it was necessary to have this in order not to turn into an ice cube after 5 minutes * wink*.
  • The waiters aren’t very friendly (certainly because they’re a bit stressed)
  • It’s quickly full: everyone goes there, so if you don’t go early enough, you’ll have to queue before getting a table.


In the end, the positive -obviously- took over the less positive and we really enjoyed admiring the Duomo while sipping our delicious drinks and food! A place not to miss 😉

I hope you enjoyed this article my luv’s!
See you soon!

Lots of luv’
♡ Pauline

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