4 easy types of braids to do on yourself (video)

Hello my luv’s!

As you might have seen, I’m into videos these days and so, here’s one more. This video is to give you four easy-to-do braids ideas : the side braid, regular “half head” braid, ponytail braid and dutch braid, but it’s not a tutorial. There are indeed already so many tutos on YouTube that I wasn’t interested in doing one more. The approach of this video is rather “artistic” -if I may say-, it’s very different from any hair video I have ever watched and that’s the result I was looking for!

You’ll also find pics of each braids below.

Hope you’ll love the video, the photos and especially the braids! 😉

Lots of luv’

The side braid

The regular “half head” braid

The ponytail braid

The dutch braid

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