Why you should have lunch at 10 Corso Como if you’re in Milan!

To all the design, fashion and food lover going to Milan, this place is for you!

Hey luv’s! Ever heard about 10 Corso Como? If not, it’s okay. But you shouldn’t miss your chance to go there; not only for the love of design and fashion, but also for a delicious lunch!

Everyone told me to go there and seeing goddess Chiara Ferragni post about it on IG surely made me want to go even more, but I honestly had no idea about what I would find at 10 Corso Como. – By the way, let’s not linger over how easily influenced I am hahah.. For my defense, you know what we say : when the locals love a place, it’s often sign that it’s a great one. – Thankfully, it wasn’t disappointing at all!



There’s an amazing concept store selling designer pieces, but not only. From what I saw, a lot of the accessories they have are more likely to be from special collections and therefore are super original. The prices might scare you, but if you love fashion, you’ll be amazed to see all of it!


You’ll find some crazy cool design objects on the last floor. Once again the prices might scare you, but you can just have a look for the pleasure of the eyes, it’s worth it!


Mathew and I had lunch at the restaurant which offers a really cute terrasse. Sadly we couldn’t be outside because we went there in February and it was cold, but the inside is as cute as the outside. It’s an original place just as I personally like them and it has so much charm!

We ordered two plates of tapas (fried seafood and a tuna tartare on avocado) and a main course (shrimps with strawberries and champagne), both to share, and were pleasantly surprised by the size of the tapas and by how sophisticated the main was. Finally, the most important is that everything was delicious, the waiters were really nice and the place is absolutely beautiful!

Let me know if you visited this place and how much you liked it!

Lots of luv’
Pauline ♡


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