Where to eat in London? Sharing my favorite restaurants of the moment (August 2019)

I’ve always loved eating, but eating in London is like… even better, because there’s so many choices!

Among all the possibilities we had, we ended up discovering some cool places with very good food. I hope you’re not on a diet haha, because I’m gonna share with you my favorite restaurants and you’d better try them all! Ready for some foodie tips?! 😉

Pilgrim Pizza

My recommendations: The basil pesto, yellow datterini tomato and burrata pizza, it’s different from regular pizza yet as delicious! Also, beware of the garlic bread… it’s good, but there’s really a lot of garlic haha.
Price range: $


My recommendations: You HAVE TO try the avocado on toast and the truffle mac and cheese in my opinion 🙂 Mathew found the mac and cheese too oily, but I really loved it!
Price range: $$


My recommendations: The beef filet with the peppercorn sauce are a must! Oh and the sweet potato as well as the macaroni cheese are worth it too!
Price range: $$$


My recommendations: The chicken club quesadilla, the grilled tenderstem broccoli and the sweet potatoes are all to die for! As for the beverages (non-alcoholic ones), I’d recommend their hibiscus flower and citrus fizz aguas frescas.
Price range: $

Dumpling’s Legend

My recommendations: Okay, the place isn’t the nicest and the staff seems to always be in a rush, BUT the Dim Sum, especially the chicken, spicy pork and pork Siu Loung Bao ones are incredibly good! (These Dim Sum are the ones with a bit of soup in it, so yummy!)
Price range: $

Ozone Coffee

My recommendations: I totally recommend the iced coffee and the smoked cheddar fry-bread with avocado! Their other types of coffees are certainly really good too since they’re specialized in coffee, but I haven’t tried yet.
Price range: $$

The Folly

My recommendations: The buttermilk chicken burger and Indian mango, passion fruit and mint pavlova for dessert. It was yummy! Lastly and to be honest, I don’t necessarily recommend their steaks.
Price range: $$

Riding House Café

My recommendation: The pancakes with red fruits! Almost regretted my avo on toast after having tasted the pancakes my cousin ordered haha! (And me regretting an avo on toast is rather uncommon!)
Price range: $$

Flat Iron

My recommendations: There, you have the choice between steak and steak, so I recommend the steak hehe. Joking aside, the steak is really good there! As for the sides, I found the eggplant delicious. (Just so you know, a salad – just like in the picture below – comes with the meat anyway.) Finally, go there early, because you can’t book and it’s crowded.
Price range: $

Señor Ceviche

My recommendations: We trusted the lunch menu (Monday to Friday only) composed of several of their dishes and it was absolutely delicious! We had ceviches, calamari with jalapeños sauce, the crispy pork belly, sweet potato fries, pork ribs and chicken, all were very tasty. The thing I liked least was the dessert, but it might be because I had already eaten too much and couldn’t anymore haha.
Price range: $ (if lunch menu), $$ (if à la carte)

That’s all for today guys! I hope this article will help you 😉 And, as usual, let me know if you have any further question!

With luv’ ♡



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