What to wear for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Hello my luv’s! Today I’m very happy to share with you those photos that Mathew and I took advantage to shoot during our stay at the incredibly beautiful Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva. We don’t get to shoot in such beautiful places like this one very often, so we couldn’t miss this opportunity. *wink* Furthermore, I really think this setting fits the outfit and today’s topic which is all about the end of the year celebrations and how to dress for them! *big smile*

When I think about Christmas and New Year’s Eve, here are some of the things that come to my mind in terms of clothes : red, black, silver, gold, elegance, simplicity, sparkle, sequins, dress, high waisted wide pants and high heels. Since I saw in a lot of stores that sparkle and sequins were a thing this year, I decided not to go easy on it and fell for that blazer-dress. I know, I know, it kind of makes me look like a disco ball hahah… I obviously really love it though! I love it, because it clearly represents my idea of the perfect Christmas and New Year’s Eve item of clothing. Firstly, it’s a dress; secondly, it’s simple, yet sophisticated, silver, sparkly, elegant and I’d also say original in a way. I decided to pair it with the most classic pair of heels to add some more elegance to the entire look. As for the accessories, I only put on some small earrings and was wearing my two everyday bracelets that I almost never take off; regarding the bag, I used the one that I took with me for the weekend (I wasn’t home) and although it fitted well, I’d usually probably go for a smaller one.

Now, if I can give you any advice regarding your celebration outfit, it would actually be to go for:

  • elegance
  • sparkly or sequined (any color from the moment it includes glittering) and if you want to play it a slightly bit less eye-catching, go for silver or gold colors or go for black; it always works, but it’s less fun
  • high heels
  • a practical small bag or clutch

I’d also add that, as for every outfit, you shouldn’t forget to balance. So, if you have a dress or whatever other clothes that is very eye-catching like mine, go easy on the jewels! *wink* Other than that, take advantage of these two celebrations to put on something you wouldn’t normally wear. Have fun!

Lots of luv’

Pictures by Mathew Bo Eriksson
taken at the Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues

SHOES: Jean Rodin

©Pauline Matter


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