What to do when you “have nothing to wear” in your closet ?

*Opening the closet*, “I have nothing to wear!!” But what should you do in such situations? Keep calm and read my advice.

I’m almost sure that every girl must have opened her closet once and said “I have nothing to wear”. At least I know I do and it happens quite often actually hahaha.

I feel like mostly us, girls, have the bad habit to be very quickly bored of our clothes. And I mean, when I see how many new collections fast fashion retailers launch a year, I’m not surprise that we get bored so quickly and always want new stuff. But, first of all, being bored of some of our clothes doesn’t mean these are worn out and not wearable anymore, so why should we get rid of them? Secondly, what kind of regular human has the means to buy new clothes every week in order to be trendy all the time?

I’ve had this feeling again lately. I wasn’t inspired anymore by the clothes I have and didn’t know how to dress. But I also didn’t have neither the time, nor the desire to spend my money on shopping. Therefore I thought : “you’ve got so many things, you do have clothes to put on, be creative!”

Be creative

Not buying anything pushed me to reinvent with what I had. Indeed, any item of clothing can look totally different depending on how and with what it is worn. Were your shirt differently, mix things you would never have dared mixing before, use things a way they’re not normally made to be used and so on. The possibilities are endless, you just have to think a bit and express your creativity. Try things, make changes, try again and you’ll end up with something cool. You’ll see, it’s a lot of fun!!

For example, here I’m wearing my shirts as a wrap-over top in one look and with a knot in the other. I also used a kimono and a bra as a top and paired it with a skirt I was about to throw away.

Use the oldies

Oldies are gold! Your older clothes are perfect to use to be creative. Why? Because not only you haven’t worn them for so long that you’re not so bored of it anymore, but your surrounding also don’t remember having seen you wearing it ten thousand times! Good trick, right? Hihi 😉

Accessories make the difference

I will never repeat it enough (even to myself haha), accessories can make a huge difference! Shoes, jackets, bags, belts, necklaces… There are millions ways to pimp an outfit with accessories, so play with it! Go for heels or boots with the pants you’ve always worn with sneakers, add a belt to your blazer, use the strap of your bag as a key element to your outfit and so on. Just have fun with your accessories!

For example : I wore a silver body I would usually have worn at night in the middle of the day. I added a scarf to make my basic dress look better. I paired my boyfriend jeans with boots instead of my usual sneakers. I wore an embroidered bra under my transparent top. I added fun socks to my all white look. I wore a jacket as if  it was my top. I put a belt on my blazer to add a pop of color.

This is it for my advice. Remember that the main one is to have fun and play with what you have! Doing so made me happier than ever about the looks I created, because I feel like they were more creative than the ones I usually wore. And actually, many people also told me that my looks improved. For everything in life : sometimes what you’re looking for is just under your nose and you simply need to open your eyes and search a bit to find it; this sentence also works for your closet! 😉

Lots of luv’s,



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