The purple mascara

Coming back today in the beauty category with an article about purple mascara! Indeed, I’ve been wearing it very often during summer. You must wonderhow I even thought about trying purple mascara?!? Mmmh, have you ever seen the Yves Saint Laurent campaign involving miss perfect brows Cara Delevingne wearing an absolutely fabulous purple mascara? -I’m actually wondering now if it wasn’t the blue one she had on??- Anyway, this campaign is the one that made me wanna try this shade; end of the story hahaha *wink*.

As the YSL one is quite expensive although totally worth it and especially because I had no idea if I would like it, I firstly wanted to find the same purple shade in another brand. Bad luck for me… After having looked for this mascara in every brand in every store of the city, I just realized that I wouldn’t find it. Not that there wasn’t any other purple mascara, but they weren’t the right color : too light, too metallic, too fuchsia and so on. So, I ended up with the Yves Saint Laurent one… And I have to say that I’m really really happy with it!!!!

When I wear it, I generally don’t put any apparent eyeshadow on my eyelids, because less is more and the mascara itself makes it all. I just draw a ligne with a brown pencil (because brown is more discreet than black) that I smudge under my lower eyelashes. As for the lips, I avoid to put anything but a nude lipstick, because I really don’t want this makeup look to be too much and I want to showcase the color of the lashes.

What’s cool is that most of people don’t realize right away that my lashes are purple (speaking of, it was really difficult to catch the color while doing the photos; we did our best, so I hope you’ll see something *wink*), but when they do, their reaction is always positive! They find it cool, beautiful and original and that’s also my opinion. *wink* And you, what do you think? Leave your comment!

Lots of love

Pictures by Mathew Bo Eriksson

Yves Saint Laurent, Luxurious Mascara for False Lash Effect, 4.Fascinating Violet

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