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This is a rather special article that I’m sharing today. Want to know why? For the first time, my German speaking readers have the place of honor!! Indeed guys, you represent approximately a quarter of my Swiss readers, how huge and cool is that!?! *wink*

So, what better way to celebrate that than to share a post presenting “something” –wait to see– very cool and written in German! Open your ears and your eyes peeps… Ready, set, go!

Imagine your favorite online store giving you fashion inspiration, sharing fresh news, telling you stories and guiding you through the fashion world… Like the idea?! Well, that’s exactly what Zalando does with its Editorial section that you can check out here.

I recently discovered it and really liked this section on Zalando’s website. The fact that it’s in German makes it a little bit more difficult for me to understand, but I love challenges and think that it’s an excellent exercise for me to improve my German skills! Even if you there, aren’t a German speaker, have a look at it! You may improve your German skills or you may struggle, but in any case, there’s no lack of images and those are always easier to understand than any language! *wink*

Composed of four categories, News, Inspiration, Stories and Guide, the Editorial often mixes current fashion trends, info, advice and news with public figures, which makes it even more interesting.

As most of the categories’ names speak for themselves (news for news, inspiration for inspiration, stories for stories and guide for… advice), I suggest you have a look at my two favorite articles per category by yourself, in order to discover them. Find them right below! – The choice was difficult by the way, but I thought that two was a good number; not too much and not too little! –

It’s not always easy to keep updated with everything happening in the fashion world, so it’s great when you can rely on such an amazing source. Furthermore, the articles are always well written (believe me, I understand German more than it sounds hahah) and not too long, which is something that I really appreciate, since it’s not always easy to find time to read a lot. No more excuse not to be well-aware about the most recent happening in the fashion industry!

Finally, I must say that the more that I was scrolling through the various categories and articles within the Editorial, the more I liked it! It is very simple to get your bearings, it’s efficient and also, a very great source of inspiration regrouping good info and advice about a lot of current topics mainly relating to fashion… A real pleasure to read!

I hope you’ll have as much pleasure as I have reading the Editorial! Let me know down in the comments or on my IG profile.

Viel Liebe


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Inspiration – composed of Get the look, Fashion flashback, We love, Trend report

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Stories composed of Brand diaries, True original, Must read

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Guide – composed of Style check, Get the look, The hot list, How-to

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All the visual of this post are screenshots taken on Zalando’s website

Sponsored by Zalando

Pauline Matter

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