The curl secret ionic of BaByliss

Hello everyone! I’m very happy to be back today with an article about the Curl Secret Ionic of BaByliss.

When talking about hair, we -women (of course haha)- often end up saying that we’re not happy with it, don’t we? It’s whether not the right color, too long, too short or damaged; fortunately, those factors can easily be remedied with a coloration, a pair of scissors, time or a hydrating mask. But the real struggle is when we’re not happy with the nature of our hair; when we find it too straight, frizzy, curly or wavy. Indeed, when it comes to changing our hair nature, it’s much more difficult. The reason is that even with the right products and the right tools, our hair has the bad habit to go back to its initial form…

This post is in collaboration with BaByliss Switzerland

As for me, my hair is rather thick and generally curly, but I have the chance to be able to straighten it easily with the hairdryer. And when I do that often, I feel like it tends to be easier to straighten and consequently doesn’t curl as well as before. So it also happens to me to curl it with the help of a curl iron in order to get a better result. But in both cases, it always goes back to the opposite shape, meaning that when I straighten it, rain or humidity can easily make it curl again and, believe it or not, when I curl it with a curl iron, it rarely stays in place longer than a few hours while I even used hair spray to fix everything.

I was then a bit desperate to see that whatever I wanted to do with my hair, it never ended up like I wanted. Nevertheless BaByliss proved me wrong despairing and made me reconcile with curling irons thanks to the Curl Secret Ionic – the first automatic and ionic (=prevents from static electricity) curler – it has recently given me the chance to try!

It is so easy to use! You have to select :

  • the curl direction: right – left – both
    I chose both in order to obtain a more natural result
  • the heat time: 8 – 10 – 12 seconds,  this will create more or less pronounced curls
    I used it with the middle length of time, 10 seconds
  • the temperature: 210°C – 230°C
    I selected the lowest temperature, which means 210°C

And then you just need to take a small hair section – this is really important, I’ve had the bad idea to take a bigger part and my hair got stuck haha, that’s what I call a lack of mastery -, you put it between the two parts of the Curl Secret Ionic, close it and wait for magic to happen!

I used it once on freshly washed hair and also once on less clean hair. And I have to say that I’ve really been pleasantly surprised! Both times, the result was incredibly good! The curls are very well defined, it’s done very easily and it only took me about 15 minutes to curl everything -and I have long hair haha-. But the best thing eveeeeer is that the curls stayed! They stayed all day long and I even slept on them and they survived the night hahaha. And *drum rolls* I didn’t use any hair spray! I know, I know, it’s sounds miraculous and, honestly, it really is! 

Lots of luv’ ♡

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