The ultimate beauty essentials for summer

Summer is finally here and it’s not the pandemic that’s gonna stop us from enjoying it.

Parks are still open for you to achieve your tan and summer glow, and if you’re planning to do so, let me tell you what are the ultimate summer beauty essentials you need.

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I don’t know about you, but summer gives me an energy I can’t get tired of! In addition to this, it also always gives me so much hope about achieving THE summer glow that we all dream of! 😉

I’ve always been very much aware of the damage sun can cause though, so when it comes to summer must-have beauty products, I know what I’m talking about. I even have a few tips for you to avoid damaging your skin all while still getting that bright complexion you’re looking for!  


Protection should be your watchword when thinking about sun! Indeed, if you didn’t already know, in addition to being bad for your health because of skin cancer it can cause, sun without a proper protection can also lead to pigment stains and increases skin aging.

Now that you know why it’s important to take good care of your skin, here are the must-have to ensure your skin is protected and looking fresh during summer:

  • a face sunscreen
  • a body sunscreen – I generally use a SPF 30, but it really depends on your skin type, you have to adapt to your needs 😉
  • a lip balm with SPF in it
  • an after-sun lotion

My fav for a protected skin

For the face and lips, my favorite are the below from Avène, they’re quality products and the face sunscreen isn’t too thick nor oily – perfect for my acne prone skin!

As for the body, Avène is great too, but Daylong is my favorite! I’ve been using it since I was little and it never let me down. Just make sure to put some on several times a day, at least if you’re going in the water or sweat a lot because of the heat. The Daylon after-sun is also one I love!


For any day you won’t spend in the sun, there are other summer essentials to help you take good care of your skin:

  • a daily hydrating face cream with a SPF – I use a SPF 15 one for everyday, this way, even if I go out 5 minutes, I have the minimum protection on
  • a hydrating face mask
  • an eye cream
  • a hydrating lip balm
  • a rich hydrating body cream

While the products above will also have a hydrating effect on both your skin and hair, there are a few other things you can do hydrate even more and, most importantly, to refresh yourself when you’re facing the sun!

The first one is a thermal water spray to delicately refresh your face, the second is water. We never say it enough, but summer or not, it’s important to drink a lot, even up to 2-3 liters when it’s really hot! This will help your body function well, prevent you from getting a sunstroke and give you a desirable bright skin.

My fav for a hydrated skin

On a daily basis, I love using the Estée Lauder face cream. It’s perfect for my skin as it’s hydrating yet non comedogenic. Moreover, it gives it a nice glow! For the under-eye, the Kiehl’s avocado cream is my favorite so far. The texture is thick but penetrates the skin quickly, and it lightly brightens the dark circles. As for the lips, I recently bought the Glossier balm dotcom (the scentless one) and love it! It hydrates well without being sticky.

Then, when I want to go full on in terms of hydratation, my favorite product for the face is the Glamglow hydrating treatment. It’s a mask to leave on for a few minutes, the coconut scent is amazing and it deeply hydrates the skin. Regarding my body, I recently used the L’Occitane ultra rich cream and loved it for its deeply nourishing texture. I think I finished it in less than a month haha!

Lastly, you can go for any kind of thermal spray, I just love the Avène one, because the overall brand is great. As for the water, I have a glass bottle from Anthropologie that allows me to reduce my wastes.

But there’s more than just your skin you should protect, your hair shouldn’t be left aside! Protecting and hydrating your hair on a daily basis is super easy and quick to do, and will help you maintain a healthy mane. Because, believe it or not, sun impacts the quality of your hair almost as much as it does to your skin.

The ultimate hair product you should have is a heat protecting spray. I recommend that you spray it all over your hair every time you’re going to spend a few hours in the sun.

There are many other products that are great to use in summer, but also all year long, such as a hair oil and hair mask, in order to nourish your hair on a daily basis.

summer beauty essentials

My fav for a healthy mane

If you’ve been reading me and following me for a while, you know I’m a big Gisou products lover (I wrote 2 reviews and made an IGTV about it, check it here!). This is why I believe in the efficacy of their heat protecting spray. As for the hair oil and mask, I’ll let you read here and here why I love the Gisou ones!

Tips to get that glow

Now, for those who can’t necessarily enjoy the sun or simply want an easy way to get a summer glow, here are some must-have products!

For some reasons, many people would judge when it comes to fake tan. I think there’s no shame in using it and it’s definitely a summer essential if you don’t have the opportunity to naturally tan. You just have to be careful in order not to end up orange of course!

For the makeup, the go-to is a highlighter. It will bring light to your face and instantly give you a nice glowing skin. You can apply it on the top of the cheeks, inner corner of your eyes, cupid’s bow and bridge of the nose.

As for the hair, I would definitely say that a texturizing spray is what you need. With it, you’ll be able to create the so desired beach wave effect that looks effortless, yet gives good summer vibes to your hair and makeup look!

My fav for a perfect summer glow

I haven’t tried many tanning lotions to be honest, but the L’Oréal one below is my favorite. It’s a light texture that doesn’t make stains and reacts over time to eventually increase your tan in a natural way.

To highlight my face, my favorite products are a stick from Kiko and a palette from Dior. I use the stick first and then put the lighter color of the Dior powder over it. I finish by applying a mix of all the Dior palette colors on my cheeks in order to get pinkish cheeks.

Regarding the hair, the best texturizing wave spray I’ve ever tried is definitely from Gisou, because it works well and doesn’t leave your hair with a weird sticky effect as many texturizing sprays do.

You’re all set! Don’t forget to be careful this summer when enjoying the sun 😉 Find below a visual recap of my favorite summer beauty essentials.

Love, Pauline


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