Summer 2020 trend alert: Jacquemus

Nude tones and bright colors, Frenchie style, unconventional shapes and fabrics… This is Jacquemus, of course!

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The weather is getting warmer and it made me wanna talk about summer 2020 trends, with the hope to inspire you and give you outfit ideas.

So today, I wanted to present you the brand Jacquemus and some of my favorite pieces from their collections. Why this brand? Because, even though I’ve been following it on Instagram for a while, I’ve been seeing a lot more of it lately and my love for the brand’s aesthetics doesn’t stop growing. Furthermore, every time I see Jacquemus items, I get summer vibes like crazy! One more reason to make it a priority to present it to you right before the hot days. 😉

About Jacquemus

The brand Jacquemus, it’s the story of Simon Porte Jacquemus, a 30-years-old French designer who started his brand back in 2009 at just 20, as a way to pay tribute to his late mum.

In terms of aesthetics, he’s definitely inspired by the region where he grew up: the Côte d’Azur in France – this is something you notice in his collections, fashion shows and marketing campaigns. Speaking of marketing, he’s currently running the #jacquemusathome campaign on Instagram. It consists of photos of celebrities and models wearing the new collection that have been taken through FaceTime during the lockdown. It’s very well thought and done, the result is amazing! Go have a look 😉

Regarding the brand’s designs, he uses many fabrics and materials I would describe as raw, and transforms them into minimalist pieces that are however always super original.

My favorite pieces for summer 2020

I love special pieces – by this, I mean items with special cuts, colors, fabrics, materials or details. And Simon Porte Jacquemus is really good at this! I mean, look at the items below: the dresses are made to show women’s body in a way that is elegant and sexy at the same time; the blazers, very structured and often in very textured-looking fabrics such as linen, are just perfect to enhance any casual outfit; the trousers’s cut, often wide-legged, are very flattering; finally, the accessories are made with details that, to me, give them a real identity and the “plus” that I’m looking for in such pieces.

All items: Jacquemus

I hope you loved discovering this brand and my selection of their amazing pieces as part of my summer 2020 trends alert. I can’t wait to write new articles like this one, presenting you the hottest brands and trends of the moment!

Before you go, I’m curious, which Jacquemus item is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below 😉

Love, Pauline


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