The stylish pairs of sunglasses you definitely need

Believe it or not, sunglasses’ purpose isn’t only to protect your eyes. Indeed, sunglasses are also an accessory that can make your outfit go from great to highly fashionable.

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For a long time, I thought I was part of these people who don’t have a sunglasses’ face. But I was wrong and, actually, this whole idea of “sunglasses’ face or not” is wrong. Sunglasses can suit each and every one of us, we just need to find the pair that compliments our face’s feature and also to get used to new styles.

This being said, I’m very happy that we can all find the right pair, because as mentioned above, sunnies are truly an amazing fashion accessory. This is the reason why I wanted to present you a selection of shades that will bring the extra touch to your outfit and that is various enough for you to find the pair that is right for you!

best fashionable sunglasses

My outfit


This shape of shades is going to bring a slight retro vibe to your outfit, without being too much. Actually, the more oval they are, the more you’ll actually get a retro look. If you choose round ones, you can definitely wear them with any type of outfit. However, the oval ones will instantly give retro vibes to your outfit, so make sure it goes well with the look you’re trying to achieve!


It doesn’t matter if this shape of sunnies makes them so big that we can’t see your face anymore. That’s the entire point as it gives a mysterious vibe to your look! These sunnies being imposing, I’d recommend you to wear them in a light or pastel color during summer and to prefer a darker tone for winter.


This shape is one that I absolutely love, but can’t pull out haha as it just doesn’t suit my face. But if it suits you, GO FOR IT! It’s very fashionable at the moment and completes any trendy outfit beautifully by giving an edgy vibe. By wearing these, you’ll instantly look like a real fashionista!


Just like the square ones, these also go with almost anything. The reason is that they don’t necessarily give a certain vibe to your outfit, such as retro or futurist like some other pairs presented in this article do, they’re simply stylish. Choose them in a special color or shape to add an extra touch to your look!

best fashionable sunglasses


This kind of pairs is very trendy, yet don’t go with everything in my opinion. It’s the perfect sunnies to add to a vintage outfit composed of wide legs jeans, a basic crop top and a baguette handbag for example. As long as you’re going for the vintage vibe, you can put these shades on without a problem!

Now tell me, which pair is your favorite guys?

Love, Pauline


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