Hello luv’s! Remember in my last post I told you about our 5 years anniversary with Mathew? Well, it was officially last Friday, but we are really celebrating this weekend. For the occasion, Mathew organized something from Saturday to Sunday, somewhere in Switzerland, not in the mountains, about one hour ago from Lausanne,… Any idea what and where it could be? Because I honestly have no clue! This cute guy has been having waaaaay too much fun laughing at me the past three weeks, because I was trying – in vain – to guess what he prepared! So, you can’t even imagine how much I’m looking forward to discovering the surprise he has in store for me! *big smile*

Let’s change subject now! This outfit is the second one we shot in the mountains with Stephanie the other day and, first of all, I’d just like to say how much I love these pictures Stephanie took. The ambiance is perfect, the wind in the hair wasn’t lacking and Stephanie’s good eye for photography was, as usual, on point! As for the outfit itself, I wanted something that I could really wear to walk in the mountains unlike the other mountain outfit that was more elegant and made to stroll in a mountain’s village rather than the real mountain hahah. As I still wanted something a minimum feminine and girly, I opted for these black pants with little “curly” edges. Finally, I wished I had a cute little backpack, because it would have been perfect with this outfit; but since I don’t have any, I went for this vintage wallet that fitted nicely the outfit and could be put in the big pocket of my jacket.

I hope you’ll like this outfit that is a bit different from the ones I usually show you. Let me know! *wink*

Lots of luv’


Pictures by Stephanie Page
(honesty matters : my skin is smoothed on these)

SHOES : Primark
WALLET : Louis Vuitton


Pauline Matter


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