Hello everyone! Happy to say that I’m on holiday for a week – okay… it’s actually rather revisions, but let’s call it a holiday, it’s much better! *wink* – . My plan for this week is sleeping, studying, eating healthier than I usually do (oops! hihi), doing sport, seeing friends and celebrating my Bday!!! – Getting older and older..! YAAAAY hahaha -.

Let’s now talk about the outfit. I’ve been in a total color mood lately, therefore I’m wearing purple which is a color I haven’t worn for years. I really love the original shape of this sweater (didn’t I say the same about the pullover I was wearing in my last post? Must have a thing with sweaters’ shapes at the moment hahah).

Other than that, I really think that this is the kind of clothes you like or dislike, due to its color and oversized sleeves that are unusual; as for me, I love the fact that it changes from usual! As for the rest, I just put on a pair of blue jeans, my new favorite sneakers and a nice little bag. The result is casual and that’s exactly what I wanted. BUT, since it started to rain after we shot those pics, I’d highly recommend to check the weather forcast before going out dressed like that and/or to wear a jacket. *wink*

Do you like this look? What about the sweater: is it a yay or nay?

Lots of luv’


Pictures by Mathew Bo Eriksson

JEANS & SHOES: Topshop
BAG: Michael Kors
NECKLACES: Brandy & Melville


Pauline Matter


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