Over plucked too much? Learn 5 effective tips to grow back your brows

Welcome to all the “eyebrows over-pluckers”! I have some good and bad news for you. Bad one : if you’re here, it’s probably because you messed up your brows 🙁 . Good one : these tips will help you!

For some reasons I started to over pluck my eyebrows when I was about 15 (waaaay too early by the way). And unfortunately, the more you do it, the less your hair grow back… which is obviously super annoying. I had a very hard time trying to fix this eyebrows mess, but I think I can finally say that I’m seeing the end of the tunnel! This is why I decided to share with you a few tips I used to help grow my brows back!

Here is a grouped photo of the evolution (CLICK to see everything). You can find the original pics at the end of the post if you want to take a closer look at all of them! (Sorry for the quality of these pics haha, but some I quite old and it’s mainly close ups so I zoomed so much! 😛 )

1. Forget the tweezers

This is probably the hardest one, but also the most important. Don’t use the tweezers and slowly let your hair grow back. At some point, you’ll certainly want to pull out the fresh new little hair that are growing everywhere else than where you really need them, but don’t do it. I’ve heard once that brows have a cycle of growth and by removing only one hair, you can disrupt the whole cycle and therefore the other hair won’t grow back as quickly and well as it should.

2. Cutting isn’t a good idea either

While I was trying to forget the existence of tweezers, I still couldn’t stand having these hair growing back everywhere (for esthetic reasons of course). To overcome this “problem”, I thought I could cut these hair at the root with small nail scissors. I mean, cutting isn’t plucking, right?! Well, the problem is, cutting doesn’t help either. So my “based-on experience” advice is : don’t do this either, just leave your brows alone!

3. Castor oil

Or should I say : LIFE SAVER! This oil is a real miracle! If you don’t know what it is, castor oil is a thick oil that doesn’t really smell good but is super efficient in stimulating hair growth. Plus, you can find it in pharmacies and it’s cheap. It is said that we shouldn’t use it everyday, so try not to abuse of it (I actually didn’t always follow this rule… but shhhhht! 😉 ).

As for how I use it, I simply put a generous amount on each of my (cleaned) brows with a Q-tip right before going to sleep. I press a bit while passing on the brows several time to make sure the oil gets well into my skin. You can also apply it with an eyebrow brush (the brush will also stimulate the growth) or with the fingers, it’s up to you. Then, it’ll work during the night and you’ll see, sometimes you can already see some small hair showing up after only one use! MAGIC!

I don’t remember for how long I used it when I started to seriously want to grow back my brows, but I think it lasted at least three months; I was doing it for a few days and then stopped and started again after a while and so on. Today, I’m still using it from time to time, when I feel like it’s needed.
Oh and by the way, you can also use this oil on your locks!

4. Stop touching

While touching your eyebrows, you might highly be annoyed by the baby hair growing back. This could easily make you want to grab the tweezers and do something you’ll regret… so, don’t touch!!!

5. Time and patience

Last but not least, it takes a freaking long time to get your brows back, even with these tips. While I’m writing this, it’s already been 15 months I’ve been applying all these tips regularly (started with castor oil only at first, in year 2013) and, although it’s much better than before, I still want more. (My case was serious though haha, it might be less long for you!) But yeah, you’ll have to make an effort, be patient and not give up. It really takes time, but it’s worth it in the end! 😉

This is it! These are all the tips I tested and approved. I know how difficult it is to get your brows back, but if that’s really what you want : stay motivated, use these tips and time will do the rest! Hope this article helps! Ps. Dont forget to check the full brow evolution below!

Lots of luv’
Pauline ♡

Check the evolution of…
My left eyebrow

My right eyebrow


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