Going out in New York City? Here are the places you should go to!

Going out in New York City is certainly something that makes people dream, thanks to all those American movies and series. But before going, there are some things you should know!

As I had the chance to experiment it during the two months I was in New York City, I thought it would be nice to share the name of the places I went to and liked.

They are all situated in the same area, in downtown Manhattan, except 230 Fifth Rooftop. But before revealing the names, I have to tell you how it basically works in Manhattan in a few points :

  • You have to dress up to enter almost every club in NYC, so pay attention to the dress codes because they’re very strict.
  • For most of the clubs, you can’t enter if you’re not going there with a promoter (= someone whose job is to bring people in clubs) or you would have to pay a lot. If I can give you any advice: don’t do that! 😉 Promoters are easy to get in touch with through Instagram. Also, once you’ve gone out and posted a pic in Instagram, some will instantly contact you through DMs.
  • There are parties everyday in Manhattan, so yes, going out on a Monday is possible!
  • Don’t forget that you have to be 21 to be able to enter!

PHD Rooftop Loung 

  • Amazing view on Manhattan and the Empire State Building
  • The only club we could enter without being with a promoter; for this, you have to be well dressed. (I won’t hide the fact that it’s easier for girls and that a guy would probably have to pay unless he’s with many girls.)

230 Fifth Rooftop

  • Amazing view on the Empire State Building from very close
  • This is actually more a bar than a nightclub so if you respect the dress code and go there not too late, you’ll have no difficulties to enter


  • Small club with a lot of tables, it’s a good one, but it’s difficult to dance there because of the lack of space
  • You have to enter with a promoter


  • Absolutely loved the music there, it was like up-to-date music mixed with less recent one
  • You have to enter with a promoter

TAO Downtown

  • Loved the decoration there and the dancefloor is quite big compared to the other clubs, which is very enjoyable
  • You have to enter with a promoter


  • Just as in TAO, the dancefloor is big enough to be able to dance compared to the other clubs
  • You have to enter with a promoter


Enjoy your party time!!

Lots of luv’,


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