My thoughts about blogging and Instagram, why I can’t keep up anymore

Been thinking and I want to share my thoughts with you.

I’ve actually been thinking about blogging and Instagram for a little while now. I thought about the meaning of all this, the purpose and how it has changed. And here’s what happened.

Okey guys, to be honest, my relation to blogging and Instagram has changed quite a lot these past months. Why? To blogging because it seems like Instagram has taken over. To Instagram? Well, it’s a longer story….

A love and hate relationship

To be clear, Instagram is so volatile that I still strongly believe in the power of blogs. But it’s true that Instagram made it easier for anyone to share a passion, interact with others and eventually become someone.

I used to really love Instagram and I still love it because of all the people who inspire me on this platform, their crazy good content, sense of humor, making opinions evolve and so on. And believe it or not, this “anti social” social media also allowed me to meet awesome people in real! However, I also hate what Instagram has become.

An ungrateful world

Instagram got me into its game. Wanting things to work out at some point, I admit that I became obsessed. I wanted to have a good looking feed, to attract likes and eventually more followers. To -maybe- “succeed”, I set up my own rules; to keep it short, it was : only post fashion related pics taken with a quality camera. That’s what I did. It worked because I caught the attention of a few brands I wanted to work with.

That’s where the sad part begins. The truth is that some (most) of the brands reaching out smaller accounts hardly care about your content. I didn’t get it right away, but when a brand you’ve worked with for a while doesn’t answer your emails anymore when you say that you won’t be able to make it to an event, or when the brand doesn’t download the pics you sent them after they asked if you posted what they wanted and told you they’d love to have the pics, or when you see that literally every small “influencer” (ewww HATE this word) get something from this brand (these are just a few examples), you finally understand that you’re just one among others to spread the word in exchange for a few gifts… I’m not turning my nose up at the opportunities I had thanks to Instagram, but I’m tired of this and don’t want to do like everyone else, especially when it means being treated like a convenient piece.

A race to fame?

This being said, I decided to break my “own” rules -quotation marks, because I was clearly influenced by the Instagram standards- and everything that went with it: posting at the “right” time, not posting photos I liked because it wasn’t about fashion or wasn’t taken with a professional camera, having a professional account and having access to my stats and so on. I said stop to all of this, because fighting for likes, followers and collaborations became nonsense to me. There are many reasons, but one is that too many people take this IG thing too seriously and try to become someone at any price. Another main one is that Mathew and I spend so much time on getting nice quality pics and it seems like people prefer poor quality photos, which became frustrating. The thing is that it only became frustrating because I wanted to be part of the race. But today, it’s beyond me! Seeing everyone fighting for a bit of fame makes me feel overwhelmed and I don’t want to spend my energy competing for this anymore. I also don’t want to ruin the pleasure I’ve always had sharing about what I love (and it was close to happen).

It’s over

So! I said stop to this competition on Instagram, but it doesn’t mean I won’t keep doing my things! The blog will obviously stay. I’ll keep on posting on it, but more spontaneously than what I did lately.

As for Instagram, you might have noticed that I took back my real name as user name and started to post different pics lately on my feed. Some are more revealing than what I used to post, some are about food, some are still about fashion. Posting these is the result of posting what I feel like. As for the typical blog posts, I started a new account called Popshion (again) on which I’ll share about the blogposts only.

Finally, I wouldn’t say I have changed, but what I’m looking for surly did. What matters now is that I’m enjoying myself posting what I really want on my profile. I mean, I just want to have fun! I’m young and life’s too short to care like I did about my Instagram and potential success on it. I just want to enjoy my time, be creative, share what I feel like sharing and do what makes me happy!

It’s been a while I hadn’t written that much, hope it wasn’t too much hihi!

What about you? What’s your opinion about social media? Do you think it has an influence on your life? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Lots of luv’,


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