How to get the perfect wet hair effect

Here are the 6 easy steps I followed to obtain the perfect wet hair look for a photoshoot under the rain!

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We recently shot some photos for a fashion brand and, for one of the photoshoots, I wanted to do something different and decided to shoot under the rain. For the occasion, I went for a wet hair look. However, not having specific products for this purpose, I had to improvise and managed to get the wet hair effect I wanted using what I had to hand.

My outfit

1. Straight hair

In order to keep your hair in the right place more easily, you want to have it as straight as possible at the root. This will also ensure your hair is flat on the scalp and there’s no bump.

2. Dirty hair

This probably seems a bit gross haha, but seriously, in order for any hairstyle to stay well in place and to make it easier to do the hairstyle, prefer dirty hair. By dirty hair I obviously don’t mean you shouldn’t wash it for days, but instead of doing the hairstyle on freshly washed hair, wait for the second or third day after you’ve washed it. 

3. Combing

Now that your hair is straight at the root and dirty (feels weird to say it like this haha but you got the point), brush it well and then comb it several times on top of your head and on both sides, going from your face to the end of your tips – if possible, use a fine-tooth comb to do so. Ensure that your middle part is erased, your hair is flat on your scalp and is going behind your ears and shoulders.

4. Water

Now, pass your hands under the water and apply some on your hair until it gets evenly wet. With the palm of your hand, press a bit on your hair to flatten and « stick » it to your scalp, and gently pass your hand on your hair lengths to wet the whole length.

5. Texture

It’s time to add a bit of texture on your scalp and lengths with a texturizing hair spray. More than texture, the spray will give a subtle « sticky » effect to you hair, similar to the one you get with most products used for beach waves effect, which is perfect for the wet effect. Comb again to evenly spread the product on your hair and gently pass your hands on your hair from front to back, just like I’m doing on the photo below. 😉

6. Fixing

Now that you have the wet hair look, fix it with a lot of hair spray. In addition to fixing the hairstyle, the hair spray will also give some shine that will emphasis the wet effect. Once sprayed, directly comb again gently to avoid small hair from sticking out from the rest!

That’s it! Let me know in the comments or on Instagram if you try this wet hair effect! 😉

Love, Pau

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