Our weekend in Cascais

Want to know where we ate and what we did in Cascais? Here it is!

During these three days of holiday in Cascais (Portugal) (including two half days of travel, which leaves us with two days on site), I admit that I didn’t really have time to look for and to experiment the best places to be or to see in Cascais. But I still have some information for you.

One thing you have to do is to go to Santa Marta Lighthouse and Museum. The museum looks very modern with a graphic and edgy architecture that I really loved. As for the lighthouse, it is a really lovely one with white and blue stripes and you can even go upstairs and admire the beautiful view and the Atlantic ocean.

If you want to get closer to the ocean, just go to Boca do Inferno. Translation please : Mouth of hell. Why ? Because the cliff at this place has been cut by waves erosion, what left way to a big hole. So now, when waves occur, it produces a big noise. I guess that’s the reason they added the “hell” word after “mouth” ! *wink*

Now, if you completely want to deep in water, surfing is here for you ! I tried surfing at “Praia do Guincho”, a famous surf spot in surfer’s world from what I heard, and really liked it ! So that’s another activity I would suggest.

Visiting the city is also something to do, as it is really beautiful !

The second things that left its mark on me was the Portuguese cuisine. We ate so well !
We went to a beautiful fish and seafood restaurant called Monte Mar with a stunning view on the Atlantic ocean and the sunset. As I’m a total squids fan, I obviously didn’t miss the occasion to eat some and guess what ? They were fresh as if I just went fishing for them and tasted deliciously delicious.

The other very good restaurant we went to was a cute typical Portuguese restaurant called Dom Diniz. Their speciality : tapas ! Their way to proceed surprised us, as they bring you tapas after tapas, let you taste the food, leave it if you love it and take it back if you don’t. Then, they don’t charge you for the tapas you didn’t like and you returned. But, I have to say they don’t take a lot of risks, because everything they cook – at least, everything we tasted – was delicious !