My very first day in Australia, doing canoe and going to the zoo

In today’s post I am writing a bit about my holiday in Australia.

I decided to write severals posts about it, because I have a loooot of photos and I don’t want to mix everything ! Other than that, as a picture is worth a thousand words, the text is not going to be very long in those posts about Australia. So enjoy the photos and if you have any question, don’t hesitate to write a comment ! I will be very glad to answer. *wink*

I landed on a Monday evening and Mathew, who was already there since four days, picked me up at the airport. He drove to his family house, where we were staying and took advantage of the ride to show me where he grew up, as he had been living in Australia when little. Then, we arrived and after having met his family, we had dinner and I went to bed shortly after – travel hours + jet lag = tiredness *wink* -.

The day after, on Tuesday, the holiday really began ! We went canoeing from the house’s beach to a little beach not far from there, where we were almost alone. It was fantastic !
The afternoon, we went to the Symbio zoo. Petting the koalas, touching a boa, approaching and feeding the kangaroos. The baby kangoos were just… So so sooooo cuuute!!! And seeing much more typical Australian animals was really cool ! I simply felt like a child haha!

See you soon for the rest of the story ! (Oh and just forget what I said at the beginning, there is absolutely not less text in this post compared to the others haha *wink*)

Lots of luv’,


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