Christian Dior: Designer of dreams at the Victoria & Albert Museum

If you haven’t had the chance to see the Dior exhibition, now’s the moment for you to discover it!

I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to see this exhibition because it was sold out online and it kinda made me sad! I mean, it’s not everyday that a Dior exhibition with a beautiful setting -from what people said- is set up. I ended up being lucky enough to get one of the daily tickets they sell on site and I can tell you that it was worth the one-hour queue! So, for those who didn’t have the chance to visit the Christian Dior: Designer of dreams exhibition, here are a few pics of what I saw inside. Enjoy!

Here are the many pics I took, followed by my quick feedback about the exhibition. You can click on the pics to see them better and you’ll also get some info about some of them. 😉

Needless to say that it was stunning! Not only were the clothes presented absolutely beautiful, but -as the rumors said- the settings were indeed amazing, with an attention to the smallest details… It was wonderful! What I really liked too were the information given about the history of the brand, the designers, fabrics and so on. I took time to read everything which was very instructive and made me spend more than 2 hours inside the museum haha!

I hope that seeing these photos made you dream as much as I did seeing the exhibition in real! 😉

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