Discovering Sydney in 10 hours

Today I wanted to post about Sydney and everything we saw when we were there.

As I told you in the first post about my trip to Australia, we weren’t staying in Syndey, but in Cronulla. As a real tourist, I wanted to keep a day to discover the Sydney and its symbolic monuments. And that’s what we did! We spent about 10 hours in Sydney. We walked a lot, so we were exhausted at the end of the day, but it was worth it!

We went to the Aquarium first, it’s big and very interesting as there is a lot of species to see, it was beautiful! Then we visited the fish market, where we ate fresh fish and seafood. It was delicious and great to eat in this atmosphere. After we ate, we walked all the way to the Opera House – a must-see! We quickly stopped on the way to enjoy the view we had on the beautiful Harbour Bridge.

At the end of the day, we had to take the ferry to join the rest of the family. The ferry was a great experience too. Indeed, as the boat was moving away, we had the chance to admire the Opera House and the Bridge from another angle.

A few days later, we had dinner at the top of Sydney Tower, the highest in town with 309 meters height. It offers a splendid 360° view over the city and we ate a delicious dinner!

Lots of love, Pauline

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