Have a look at beautiful Hamilton Island

In the last post I was writing about my first day in Australia. Today I am writing about the followings in Hamilton Island, an Island (well, of course haha) situated to the north of Sydney.

We spent four days there, in this little paradise, which was very relaxing ! Want to know more? It’s right below!

Our activities on this island were seaside related for the most, as we mainly took advantage of the nice beaches and pools, were snorkeling, rented a small boat to go to an almost desert island and so on ! However, we also walked a bit to reach a higher spot on the island in order to admire the landscape that was very beautiful.

Otherwise, the nature on this island is so beautiful !!! There were palm trees everywhere, the water of the ocean was clear and there were incredible colored wild birds like cockatoos and lorikeet who were not afraid at all to come close to us – let’s be honest, it is only because we had food with us *wink* -. We also saw some beautiful fishes while snorkeling and even a turtle. Oh and Mathew got to see a jumping ray too ! Impressive, right ?! BUT ! The most impressive was to see some box and irukandji jellyfishes; however small are those jellyfishes, they are lethal if they sting you… No worries, we did not risk our lives as Australians are totally aware of this danger and consequently give you a stinger suit to protect you during the snorkeling session.

Despite the jellyfish, I really recommend you to go on this island once if you have the possibility, because it felt like paradise !

Lots of luv’,



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