POPSHION started with my love for fashion. It continued because of my love for sharing. And it evolves thanks to my thirst for learning.


Meet the team

Me, Pauline

Hi! I’m Pauline, a Swiss young woman who recently moved to London to get closer to the fashion and influencer industries, which I am passionate about.

I think my curiosity to know about many, yet completely different topics all the time is what caused me to take so long to find my path. I basically went from willing to become a vet, to a doctor, to a fashion designer!

I got accepted to a fashion design school, not my first choice, yet I was where I thought I wanted to be. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned, so I followed my heart and interrupted my fashion studies after barely a month in. I was completely lost!
What hadn’t left me though was my curiosity and creativity.

Eventually, I got into business management studies, where I would learn many things I had no clue of and no idea I could be good at!

I had already been blogging and Instagramming for a few years and kept on doing so as much as I could while studying for my 12 bi-annual exams during my 3-years-long education. I simply couldn’t picture myself giving up on my blog and love for sharing.

During these studies, I discovered the entrepreneurship world and something clicked: one day, I’ll have my own business in the field of fashion and digital, two topics that I’ve been cultivating for years.

My partner, Mathew

Mathew and I met back in 2012 while we were still student. After getting to know each other more between our maths and biology classes, he quickly became my life partner.

He started to get involved in the blog as photographer in 2016, when I wanted to create better content and knew I would need extra help for the photography part.

Indeed spending most of our time together, turning to him was a foregone conclusion – and luckily, he agreed to help.

He learnt by doing and, while doing, also came to enjoy photography. Since then, not only did he get more interested in learning about this topic, he also started making videos, learnt how to edit and began to develop a more creative eye.

Combining his photography skills and my creativity, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to create new content that will please the blog’s and both our Instagram profiles’ audiences.

The blog story

My blog was born in 2012 from my need to spice up my student life and to create something that was mine, where I could be my true self.

Needless to think, the blog was naturally going to focus on fashion. I’ve indeed always loved and been attracted to all things fashion. I remember playing with my mum’s heels when my feet were still too small to fill them, creating dresses out of paper and, later on, spending hours sewing clothes just for fun, or learning to knit with one of my grandma and to sew properly with the other.

When I began blogging, I was so shy that I never mentioned I had a blog. Over time, sharing on it allowed me to grow and gain confidence. Today, I’m very proud to talk about it, to have kept on working on it all those years and to see everything it’s allowed me to accomplish already, both personally and professionally.

What’s also changed is that I share about more than fashion on it now: travel, cosmetics, recipes, life experiences, …. My blog has become a lifestyle destination mixing high-end and mid-range, where I aim to inspire and inform people through quality content, honest and reliable information based on my own experiences.

Social media presence

After starting my blog, I also joined Instagram where I’ve been growing a community and make rewarding connections with people on a daily basis by sharing quality photos in my feed, personal life experiences in captions and my daily life through stories. I’ve quickly learnt to appreciate this platform where sharing and exchanging with others is immediate, spontaneous and empowering.

When traveling, Mathew and I love filming our adventures and turning them into short movies. While I publish some of the latter in addition to beauty and daily life videos on my channel, the most beautiful videos of our trips are on Mathew’s YouTube channel.

Most recently, curious about TikTok and discovering it more through my fashion PR internship where I was in charge of creating short clips for it, I decided to join. I can’t wait to see the new opportunities this promising platform will offer in the future!