5 must-have hats you need in your wardrobe

Which hat do you absolutely need and when should you wear it? All the answers about the must-have hats are below! 

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Hats are a must-have in your wardrobe as it allows to perfectly complete any outfit, giving a fashionable touch if chosen right. Yet, as not every hat goes for every occasion, here’s a little guide telling you everything from the hats you need to when you should wear each of them!

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Wool hat

Great for fall and winter, you can also wear this kind of hats during early spring as long as the weather is not too hot. Wool hats naturally give an elegant touch any outfit, so make sure your outfit will benefit from this hat – you don’t want your look to be incoherent! 😉 

Straw hat

I think it’s rather obvious, but this is the perfect summer hat! Of course, if spring is early and it’s hot outside, you can start wearing your straw hats earlier. This hat can make complete an elegant and summery everyday outfit as well as a beach look. 

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Bucket hat

You can wear the bucket hat all year long without a problem! The reason is, bucket hats are often declined in many different fabrics, which makes it easy to adapt to any season. For example, wear a fluffy bucket hat in winter, a linen one in summer, and a jeans one in between!


Caps are also wearable all year long as long as you don’t mind the cold during winter. Choose it in different colors according to the seasons to make sure it fits your current seasonal style!


Some would say you can wear beanies all year long, but I prefer keeping this item for the winter and colder weather. Beanies can definitely complete any style of outfit, from casual to elegant. If you want to add a beanie to your elegant look, prefer a neutral color such as beige, black or cream, or a color that you already have in your outfit through another item. As for if you’re wearing something casual, bright colors or pastel color will be great!

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What’s your favorite type of hats guys?

Love, Pau

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