4 easy braided hairstyles

In need of hairstyle inspiration? Showing you 4 cute hairstyles with braids that are easy to do!

As much as I’ve been inspired by summer for these hairstyles, you can completely do these during any other season! They’re the perfect addition to your outfit, giving it an extra touch and completing your look. 

I’m introducing you all the braids right below, and also have a video where I’m showing in a very artistic way how I make these hairstyles. You can find it at the end of the article!

1. The side braid

The side braid can be cute or fierce depending on what you wear with it – that’s why I love it a lot. Below is an example of how cute the side braid looks, but I’ve also been doing it with outfits that have rock vibes and it looks amazing!

To do it, choose a side and start doing a French braid. Keep the hair tight while doing the braid, so that it stays in place. Braid in the French style until you’re reaching the neck and then finish with a normal braid. Tie it, hide it underneath the rest of your hair and fix it with bobby pins.

2. The regular “half head” braid

This braid is one of the easiest I’m showing you here. It’s perfect if your goal is to keep your hair out of your face, all while not having it completely tied. It’s a hairstyle that I find more appropriate to do with casual looks, although it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be nice with an elegant outfit.

To achieve this hairstyle, start by selecting the hair you’re going to use for the braid, make sure to divide it well from the hair that remain loose. Divide this piece of hair in three and start braiding. Once done, take a piece of the hair that is below the hair tie, turn it around and fix it with one bobby pin in order to hide the hair tie.

3. The ponytail braid

The ponytail braid has the advantage to be very easy to do, all while giving elegant and sophisticated vibes. I don’t recommend it if you’re about to move a lot, because if your hair is as long as mine, you’ll whip your own face with it every time you suddenly turn your head haha. Other than that, I love it and think it’s perfect to complete any look by giving an elegant touch.

To do this braid, simply do a ponytail, put a thin piece of hair from the ponytail aside and start braiding. Once the braid is done, you can hide the hair tie the same way I did previously for the “half head” braid.

4. The Dutch braid

This braid has a rather classic vibe, which makes it extremely elegant. However, it’s also a practical braid, as it uses all your hair and allows you to feel light and free! I love doing it with elegant outfits, or, in a completely different context, to do sport as it’s very convenient. 

Similar to the French braid, the Dutch braid is a sort of inverted French braid and that’s how you actually do it: start as a French braid from the top of your head, but bring the hair underneath and not over when braiding.

Pro tip

  • Hide the hair tie with a piece of your hair and a bobby pin. It’s a great way to make your hairstyle look better and more professional.
  • Having wavy/curly hair, I recommend to braid on straight or slightly wavy hair rather than curly. It avoids tangles and makes the ponytail and braiding process easier.
  • Use hair spray to fix the little hair flying away and make your braided hairstyle last longer

Love, Pauline

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