3 clothes with shoulder pads that you absolutely need

Shoulder pads are back and you absolutely need at least one padded shoulder piece in your closet if you want to be ‘in’ right now!

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Shoulder pads come from the 1890s and then were used a lot in women’s fashion in the 1930s. They became popular during these years and kept on being used for fashion design although they had some more or less popular years until today. This year though, we started to see a rising use of shoulder pads. While we used to see them in blazers of course and maybe also in elegant dresses, we now also see shoulder padded t-shirts and dresses that are rather casual.

What I love about shoulder pads is the elegance it brings to any design and how well a padded shoulder item can balance your body. It makes such a nice figure, enhancing the shoulders and making your waist appear smaller. I think it’s very flattering and this is why I’m presenting you 3 pieces you absolutely need!

The padded shoulder blazer

It’s a classic, but I’d better insist by mentioning it again: a padded shoulder blazer is a must-have! Choose a straight version for a formal look or one with wide pads for a vintage vibe. Both work well, you just have to find the one that works best with your personality and style!

The padded shoulder t-shirt

This one is very trendy at the moment and for good reason! The padded shoulder t-shirt is a casual piece with a little plus that makes your outfit edgy. Get it in as many colors as possible and style it with any pair of jeans, shorts or skirt. It will work with anything as long as you don’t forget to highlight your waist by putting it inside the bottom you’re wearing.

The padded shoulder dress

This one is my favorite, because obtaining a nice look with a padded shoulder dress is just effortless! Also, depending on your style or mood, you can style it in many different ways, just like I did in the video below.

Below are all the pieces I presented above in bigger so that you can see everything better in order to choose your future favorite padded shoulder piece! 😉


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