VIDEO of our horse riding experience in Agadir, Morocco

Hey luv’s!

Being a horse rider, I could obviously not miss horse riding in Morocco during our holidays last year.

I had a such a great memory of when I was younger, around 7-8 I guess. We were on holiday in Morocco with the family and there were a lot of guys with horses walking on the beach to catch some tourist in order to lend their horse for a tour. Luckily for me (always been a horse lover but wasn’t riding at the time) my parents let me do it and it’s one of my best holiday memories now. At this age I obviously hadn’t enough strength to be alone on the horse while galloping, so on the way back, the guy came on the saddle with me and we galloped. My mum was waiting on the beach and she saw the horse, the guy, but not me hahaha. It was going so fast that she couldn’t even see the tiny me on this big quick horse. She panicked because of this (she thought the guy kidnapped me or something) while I was on this horse with the biggest smile having a total blast! I will always remember how amazing it was and I just really really wanted to live this again!

Mathew was kind enough to come with me and filmed quite a lot of it. The poor guy was wearing shorts and kind of hurt himself. But we had a really nice afternoon even though!!!

Lots of luv’



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