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It’s sunday and I’m writing from my bed as I felt ill, well just lost my voice, that could be worst ! Yesterday was my saturday off, yeeeeeaay !!! As you might know, there is only one saturday a month when I don’t work, so I assure you I enjoyed it. I slept a bit longer than usually, tidied my room (it was so messy hahah, there was clothes everywhere… ooops!), went to the hairdresser to Continue Reading

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Hey you ! Have been thinking of creating again a Facebook page for the blog. I say again, because I created one when I started blogging, but I also deleted it when I did a pause… Whoops !

Talking about it, having a blog nowadays involves being very present on the most social networks. The reason ?! It’s the best way to increase your blog’s visibility ! But wait, like in everything, there’s not only advantages about it, there’s also Continue Reading