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Very happy to share the last series of photos taken by Stephanie! As you can see, the background is different from the ones where we shot the photos shown in the two previous articles Continue Reading



DSC04351Hi guys ! Writing from New York City today ! Isn’t it exciting ? *wink* Before talking to you about New York, why I am there and for how long, I just remembered that I still had the photos taken at Baselworld to show you. First things first, right ?! *wink* Continue Reading




Helloooow you ! I have been totally busy this week, it has just been crazy ! This is actually because it is the last week of work before my next holiday – that are beginning tomorrow evening by the way, YAAAAY ! -, so I had to finish a lot of things and so on, but the good news is that next week I will be relaxing on a Continue Reading

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BYE BYE 2015


Sharing with you today the last post of 2015 ! It is time for a little reflexion about everything that happened throughout the year. First thing I have to say : this year passed so quickly ! On first of January, I will have started my blog again for a year. I feel like it was yesterday. I’m so happy of everything I have Continue Reading




We are coming up to Christmaaaaaas! Are you excited?! I am! I am such in love with the beauty of Christmas. It feels so magical. Being on holiday at the moment, I can enjoy this ambiance which is really great and feels so relaxing. And you, what have you been doing lately? Decorating your Christmas tree?  Continue Reading