Inside Tim Walker’s Wonderful Things exhibition

Whether you already knew about fashion photographer Tim Walker or not, I’m sure you’ll be amazed by his extraordinary universe presented at the Victoria & Albert Museum!

When I heard about the Wonderful Things exhibition, I didn’t know much about Tim Walker. Yet, my curiosity eventually led me to the Victoria & Albert Museum’s website and it didn’t take me long to realise that I would love his unique and creative world!

My love for fashion, art and photography made me so impatient to discover more of Tim Walker’s work. And I was right to be excited about it – the minute I entered the exhibition, I was blown away!

The more I was discovering his art, the more in awe I was. His creativity goes beyond anything I had ever seen before in photography. It’s sometimes unusual, not to say weird, but in such an interesting way in my opinion.

His photos are artistic in so many ways and they’re all perfectly made and special – it’s interesting and intriguing at the same time. There’s a story behind each image and it doesn’t take long to end up caught up in each one’s atmosphere, whether it’s a joyful, quirky (in a good way) or sombre one.

Not only are Tim Walker’s creativity and sensitivity unique, its imagination appears to be limitless and is very well thought out, which is impressive.

At first, I thought some of his photos were montages that had been photoshopped, because there was so many objects of various and disproportionate sizes. But then, a video showed the behind the scenes of many photoshoots… IN-SANE! Everything you see on his photos is real and was actually on the photoshoot setting in the same size it appears on the final photo, which is obviously much more impressive than if it had been added with photoshop.

Finally, I love when art makes me reflect on the message that’s behind it, as well as the creative process the artist went through to get to the result wanted – and that’s exactly the effect Tim Walker’s photos had on me.

This exhibition was amazing! I finished it with a big smile, knowing I had just seen something exceptional. I enjoyed it a lot and would love to discover more of Tim Walker’s work! 

If you love fashion, photography or art, and have the opportunity to see his work, go for it! 

Love, Pauline

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