Heli ride to Zermatt

“Whaaaaaaat? We’re going on a heli ride?” That’s my reaction when Mathew finally told me the program of the day.

Now, I let you imagine my reaction when I heard the pilots inform of their landing in Zermatt, a beautiful place where I have quite a lot of amazing childhood memories.

To keep the story short, Mathew’s dad is a helicopter pilot in his free time -isn’t it cool?! 😉 – and to keep his license, he has to fly a certain amount of hours per years. Although it’s now been more than 6 years we’re together with Mathew, it was the first time I had the occasion to go with them. I felt so lucky to be able to live such a magical experience! The weather was amazing, the mountains were all covered by snow, we got to see the Matterhorn (an emblematic mountain -that is kinda name after my last name hahaha-) and eat in Zermatt some delicious pasta for my part, before going back to Lausanne. It was breathtaking!

Lots of luv’

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