Gisou by Negin Mirsalehi review of all products

Are Gisou products as good as its marketing? This review will tell you everything you need to know about Negin Mirsalehi’s hair care brand and all of its products.

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If someone had told me that I would ever be addicted to hair products, I wouldn’t have believed it. But it happened: I’m officially a Gisou addict.

I got my first Gisou product, the honey infused hair oil, about 3 years ago. It was the first one they launched and since then, I haven’t stopped discovering their new products! To make sure I always have the Gisou products I need, I ask my family and boyfriend to offer me either the ones I’m running out of, or the latest one, for my birthday or Christmas. It’s a nice and useful gift that I appreciate a lot!

By dint of receiving Gisou products on those occasions, I ended up trying them all – it’s the first time ever I have a brand’s entire range of products by the way! I was also able to try them on the long term, which allowed me to gather enough information to share my honest opinion with you.

About Gisou

Gisou is a brand that was created by blogger & influencer Negin Mirsalehi. More than a brand, it’s a family story. With a beekeeper dad and a hairdresser mum, Negin quickly knew how to mix their knowledge with her vision in order to create an amazing bee-based hair care brand.

Always trying to improve, not only do I really appreciate Gisou for the sustainable effort they make, I also admire their creativity when it comes to marketing and all the original events they have already surprised us with – such as “Gisou at Angelina” in Paris, creating a honey éclair for the occasion, or the “Gisou take out and re-fill” in New York, transforming a hot dog joint into a Gisou refill station!

The products

All Gisou products are bee-based, which means their main component is either honey or propolis. What’s great is that bee-based products are full of good things for your hair, like minerals, vitamins and antioxidants for example. What’s more, their products are silicone free and sulfate free, which is much better for you hair than products that contains any of these, and they’re also cruelty free, a very important point to me.

Let’s move on to what I think of each and every product. Overall, they’re all great, especially because of the points mentioned above. However, some are better than others in my opinion, especially depending on your hair type and what you’re trying to achieve with you hair.

Honey infused hair wash

Used alone, I don’t notice any immediate effect from this shampoo. I still think it’s great because it’s free from sulfates and silicone, but I have to be honest and let you know that I can’t see a difference when I use it alone.

Honey infused hair conditioner

This one is great! I put it on for a minute and when I rince it off, I can feel like my hair is softer and hydrated. It reminds me of the mask, yet the cool thing with the conditioner in contrast with the mask is that you can use it every time you wash your hair, because it’s hydrating but not too rich.

Honey infused hair mask

The mask is one of my favorites. The texture is thick and I notice the effect it has on my hair when I rince it off and then when I style my hair. It makes it soft, moisturises deeply and, as a result, makes my wavy hair wave much better than when I don’t use it. You can read another more complete review I made about this product here.

Propolis infused polishing primer

This is a product I would rather recommend for people with naturally straight hair or those using hair tools such as a straightener or curler. I noticed it makes blow-dry easier, helps reduce frizz and keep your styled hair in place when styled with tools. For naturally curly or wavy hair, as much as it helped reduce frizz, this product didn’t help holding my natural waves as I expected compared to other products I have.

Propolis infused texturizing wave spray

The best texturizing wave spray I’ve ever tried! This one helps you get the beach wave effect you’re looking for, without the undesirable stickiness and drying effect that most texturizing sprays have.

Propolis infused heat protecting spray

To be honest, I’m not really able to judge this protecting spray like I wouldn’t be able to judge any other protecting spray. The reason is that it’s hard to know if a product like this really protects your hair. But again, it’s a great product in the sense that it’s silicone, sulfate and cruelty free and provides your hair with honey’s great benefits.

Honey infused hair oil

I already wrote a review about the oil, as it’s the first Gisou product I got. You can find it here. But in short, it’s also one of my favorite product. I love the fact that it hydrates my hair and makes it shiny, all while not making it greasy like many other oils do.

Honey infused hair perfume

It smells divine! I love this perfume for its delicious perfectly sweet fragrance and the fact that, for once, you can spray it on your hair without being afraid it will dry it, because it’s made specially for it. I use it on my fresh hair as my everyday perfume, but also love putting it on my hair when it’s the day after I washed it and want it to smell fresh again.

Must-have Gisou products

Now that you know everything, let me quickly tell you which ones are the absolute must-have for each and every type of hair.

  1. The honey infused hair mask
  2. The honey infused hair oil
  3. The honey infused hair perfume

As you could see in the review, the other products are also amazing, yet their effectiveness is better on certain types of hair rather than others. The ones I listed above are great for everyone!

Finally, I also invite you to watch the video below, in which I’m telling you more details about the products, how I use them and why I love this brand so much. And you’ll find a visual recap for all products in it too – you’re more than welcome to screenshot it in order to be able to have a look at it later. 😉

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the comments below, on Instagram or by email! 😉

Love, Pauline


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